Curriculum Overview

Buah Hati’s Early Childhood Programme consists of pre-school through kindergarten levels and is accredited by the Association of National Plus Schools (ANPS). 

Buah Hati Pre-school and Kindergarten is built upon an environment created specifically for our youngest students, skills and knowledge are acquired through a creative curriculum and social interaction.  Instruction takes place in small groups so that the teacher and students can foster relationships, encouraging confidence in the individual performance, development of personality and growth of character and faith.  The whole child develops as each learns within a variety of subject disciples such as science, English, mathematics, music and movement.  The core curriculum is supported by activities including drawing, singing, dramatic play, journal writing and interactive computer programmes.

At Buah Hati Pre-school, small group instruction, often through hands-on activities, helps our students with their understanding of concepts in the subjects areas of language, math, science and social studies.  Learning takes place through exploration and includes field trips to the zoo, experiments with play dough, water play and listening to stories.

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