At Cita Hati School, Cambridge Lower Secondary (CLS) is offered to Grade 7 and 8 students. This framework for learning English, Mathematics, and Science skills provides a strong foundation of learning in an internationally recognized curriculum from a young age. Children learn interactively in a bilingual environment and are tested at an international level through Cambridge Primary Progression Tests and Cambridge Primary Checkpoint.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint
The CLS curriculum gives parents extra trust in feedback on their child's progress by using internationally benchmarked tests. Tests for Cambridge Checkpoint are standardized—set and marked by CIE—hence providing an international benchmark of student achievement. This enables teachers to advise learners and parents of the suitability of different progression routes.

Cambridge Progression Tests
Cambridge progression tests and analysis software provide detailed feedback on learners' strengths and weaknesses in the core skills of English, Mathematics and Science at the end of each stage. Schools can use this feedback to improve teaching, support learning and report student progress to parents.


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