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Over 3 Decades & 6 Campuses We Shape over 4000 future leaders through character, faith & wisdom.

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Winning Gold Medal in International Junior Math Olympiad - Mathematics


Winning Gold Medal in International Conference of Young Scientists - Geography


Winning Bronze Medal in International Conference of Young Scientists - Geography


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It all started with the active learning combined with the hands of loving and caring teachers. I began to love learning since I was at Cita Hati because I felt comfortable and accepted by the Cita Hati family. At Cita Hati I discovered my creativity and my talents, learned to know God more, my social skills and confidence were also lifted since I went to Cita Hati. My message for the younger generations is that you have to have the attitude of learning from your past mistakes, learn to do better for the present (problem solving), and for the future (gain new knowledge & wisdom to reduce problems in the future). Be a better person everyday and learn unto God.
Cita Hati was an integral part of my formative years from primary school to high school, which served as a strong foundation of my character, faith, and understanding. The emphasis that Cita Hati put in learning beyond the book allowed me to explore fields that would later paved the way to what I am passionate about doing now. From robotics, music, linguistics, to basketball. I also learned to be a global citizen, one that is open-minded, critical, vocal and empathetic. A piece of advice that I would like to share is, "Run your own race". You have friends that are different, each to their own uniqueness, not letting others determined your worth and purpose. Surround yourself with people of positivity and ones who will support you. Explore and experience as many things, as only then you can find your niche and passion. Dare to dream big but be ready to put in the work.
If I were to choose one out of a lot thing that I have experienced in Cita Hati that influenced my life the most, it would be taking the IBDP and being able to study the Theory of Knowledge (ToK) subject. That subject opened doors that led me to fall in love with philosophy and triggered me to think deeper about who I am as a person and my purpose in life. For a person to really start living, find meaning, morality and destiny, one has to have attained coherent answers. In the quest for these answers, I was introduced to apologetics, which became my passion combining it with my love for science. I hope that the younger generations would make critical thinking as a culture because the only life worth living is the life that is thoroughly examined and the one that fulfills God's plan.



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