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We Believe That Each Child Is Created in The Image of God

Each Child is not merely unique, but is purposefully created to partner with God advancing the creation and to be fruitful.

We Believe that Relationships are Keys to a Child's Success in Learning

Responsive and supportive interaction, with adults and other children, matters in these        formative years. Therefore, we ensure that children are valued and fully.

We Believe that Teaching is a Shared Responsibility Given by Parents and God

We work together with families, involving them on the children’s development Through opportunities for collaborations, exploration and meaningful play.

Kindergarten Curriculum


Grounded in our school’s vision and our philosophy for young learners, our curriculum is rooted in biblical truth and the entire program is designed to help children to know God and to learn what they should know and be able to express in their developmental stages. Experiential learning is foundation for the first four years of life to maximize the impact on brain development and learning, preparing them for the kindergarten years and beyond.

Our Programs are guided by two curricula from America :

to support the classroom teachings from a Biblical world-view.

Ages birth to 5. Provides age specific skills, behaviors, and concepts that programs must foster in all children.


Our learning program provides your child the freedom to explore, collaborate, discover, and learn social awareness through creative playing.
Our goal is to nurture your child in his or her physical growth, emotional stability, intellectual and linguistic skills to prepare him or her with the skills or exploration, inquiry learning and creativity.

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