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Elementary Curriculum


Students develop strong foundations in literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills during their Elementary education. Cita Hati Christian Elementary provides an inquiry-based, blended curriculum for grades 1 to 6.

Students are educated by a team of caring professionals who help them reach their own unique God-given potentials. Each student is encouraged to explore their gifts and interests through an integrated curriculum within a caring community.


Cambridge Primary Curriculum

Cambridge Primary Curriculum: Mathematics, Science, and English

Cambridge Primary Curriculum

Integrated Units of Learning are prepared to deliver Bahasa Indonesia, Social Studies, Religion and Christian Building, Information Technology, Physical Education and the Arts.



Moreover, our curriculum teaches the fundamentals of each, subject, giving each student a solid understanding upon which they can build more advanced competencies with a Christian worldview.

Learning in the Elementary School programme takes place under bi-lingual conditions where lessons are conducted in both Bahasa Indonesia and English. This language approach supports students to obtain the proficiency needed to successfully complete international standard assessments.

Our approaches to learning emphasise the following skills:

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